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Abigail Adams Baking Spice

Our Abigail Adams Baking Spice

Boston Spice Abigail Adams Baking Spice Blend
Abigail Adams
Gilbert Stuart painting started in 1800 and delivered in 1815

In November 1800, President John Adams and first lady, Abigail Adams, took their place in the President's House, today known as the White House. The Adams's planned a grand celebration for that upcoming New Year. They served a wide selection of food and desserts. Abigail was known for her favorite dessert dishes such as Gooseberry Fool, Apple Pan Dowdy and of course Indian Pudding. Indian Pudding was a gift to New England settlers from the Native Americans. Indian Pudding is a variation on their cornmeal mush.

Boston Spice wanted to celebrate Abigail's love of baking with a spice that tops all other baking spices and we called it Abigail Adams baking spice. We blended cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and ginger together but we didn’t stop there. We then added our own twist of orange to complete this presidential spice blend.

Try Abigail Adams baking spice in cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, pies, bars, coffee, hot cocoa, and of course Indian Pudding. You too can bake like the first lady with this specialty blend. Use our spice blend to replace your other baking spice blends. You will be glad you did!

Boston Spice Abigail Adams Indian Pudding
Indian Pudding Made WIth "Abigail Adams" spice blend
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