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New England Rub - Barbecue Spice Blend

New England Rub - Barbecue Spice Blend

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Long before renowned barbecue cities like Kansas City and Memphis emerged, Boston was perfecting the art of barbecued food.

We present to you  – "New England Rub" – the quintessential barbecue flavor.

Say goodbye to overpowering sauces; our rub lets the natural flavors shine. Crafted with genuine Vermont maple sugar, it adds a distinctive New England touch to steaks, hamburgers, pork ribs, chicken, vegetables, and seafood. Whether rubbing or sprinkling, elevate your barbecue experience with New England Rub today! 

In 1616, the English explorer John Smith bestowed the name "New England" upon the region that now encompasses Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont.

New England Rub from Boston Spice. The newest member to the barbacue food scene.

Boston Light - The First Lighthouse In the New World

Ingredients*: Vermont maple sugar, brown sugar, kosher salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, thyme, garlic powder, black pepper, spices, onion powder. *all natural rice powder added to reduce caking

Allergen Notice:
Packaged on equipment that also works with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. Our facilities store packaged tree nuts, soy, and dairy items in common areas.

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Ask a Question
  • How spicy ( hot) are your rubs/ seasoning mixes? Are there any that are mild, please?

    Hello, thank you for your question. Many of our spice blends have no heat (no cayenne pepper or red chili flakes).  So most are pretty mild when it comes to heat. Since we mixed all of our spice blends to order.  we can also make something spicy or spicier or leave out the heat altogether. This blend, "New England Rub" only has a little cayenne pepper and is not spicy.

  • Do you use Monosodium glutamate in your blends?

    Thank you for the question. No. We do not use Monosodium Glutamate in any of our spice blends.

  • How much salt is used in your spices?

    The amount of salt and the type of salt vary with each of our spice blends as well as the amount of the spice blend 1/4c. 1/2c, or 1c. We have many spice blends that have no salt.  There is a link to no-salt blends in the menu on the left side of the store page. https://bostonspice.com/collections/no-salt-seasoning-blends

    We are unable to tell you the exact amounts due to our propriety recipes.  In general, our ingredient list show in descending order of predominance by weight of each ingredient in their respective blend. Also, since we make no nutritional claims, we are not required to have nutritional information posted. 

    Since we freshly mix all spice blends to order, if there is a blend that you are interested in and it contains salt, we can always leave it out. That will affect the flavor, but we can leave it out if you want.

    I hope that helps.

    Thank you
    Boston Spice



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