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The Big Dig - Seafood Stuffing Spice Blend

The Big Dig - Seafood Stuffing Spice Blend

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The Big Dig

Boston Spice Big Dig Lobster Shrimp Crab Oyster Mussel Seafood Stuffing Seasoning Blend

Our baked stuffed lobster tails using "The Big Dig"

Boston Massachusetts had a world-class traffic problem, a six-lane highway, Interstate 93, that ran through the center of downtown Boston. This traffic snarled road carried about 200,000 vehicles a day, which made it one of the most congested highways in the US. Traffic crawled for more than 10 hours a day. Because of this, Boston began the most expensive highway project ever in the United States. Officially called “The Central Artery Tunnel Project”, Bostonian's called it, “The Big Dig.”

Boston Spice The Big Dig Boston Highway System Pre Post BigDig

By MrJARichard (Own work) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“The Big Dig” put the major Boston portion of the I-93 underground. It also added the Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge over the Charles River, the Ted Williams Tunnel over to Logan International Airport, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The traffic is still there, but instead of seeing all of it, you only see half of it.

Boston Spice The Big Dig Stuffed Clams Seasoning Blend

To honor this $22 billion highway project, we named this spice blend, “The Big Dig.” Here in Boston, we dig more than just dirt though, that’s right, we also dig some of the best clams and quahogs on the East Coast. As “New Englander's”, we love our clams and quahogs. Another reason Boston Spice had to create “The Big Dig” seafood stuffing spice. We Bostonian’s refer to these little stuffed shelled delights as “Stuffies.”

All you need to do is get yourself some clams or quahogs, cook them up and combine them with bread stuffing and “The Big Dig” seafood stuffing mix. (See our recipe page for our Boston Spice Stuffed Clams and General Seafood Stuffing Recipe). Fill the shells with the seasoned stuffing for the best “Boston Stuffies” you could ever taste. But, don't limit yourself to just using this stuffing mix in clams or quahogs. This flavorful blend can be used to stuff shrimp, make baked stuffed scallops, top some baked oysters, bake stuffed lobster or crabmeat casserole or another Boston favorite, baked stuffed cod. Do yourself a favor and dig deep into the flavor revolution with Boston Spice’s “The Big Dig” seafood stuffing spice.

Ingredients: sweet paprika, sage, coriander, thyme, parsley, garlic oregano, kosher salt, black pepper

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