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Dutch Trade - Speculaas Spice Blend For Cookies, Cakes, Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Coffee, Pies

Dutch Trade - Speculaas Spice Blend For Cookies, Cakes, Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Coffee, Pies

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 Dutch Trade - Speculaas Spice Blend

Boston Spice Dutch Trade Speculaas Speculoos Spice Blend

If you're looking for that special spice for cookies, look no further. Boston Spice’s Dutch Trade - Speculaas spice blend will help you make the best classic shortbread cookie without visiting the Netherlands. Our distinct blend features the robust flavors of nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, ginger, mace and a hint of white pepper. Don’t limit this great tasting spice to just cookies though, because if you do, you will be missing out. Use it in cakes, cupcakes, and danish. Mix a little in your coffee or hot chocolate. Add it to your breakfast by putting some in your pancake or waffle batter, and syrup too. Put some in your protein shakes and smoothies. It will make your morning “Spectaculaas!"

In Dutch, Speculaas is also known as Speculaaskruiden. In Germany, Spekulatius, is traditional in Westphalia and the Rhineland. The speculaas cookie is thin, crunchy, and has a caramelized taste. Mostly baked around St Nicholas's Day and Christmas in Europe. Here at Boston Spice, you can get this tasty spice blend any time of year.

Traditional speculaas cookies are pressed into a wooden speculaas mold with an image of some sort carved into the mold. But these cookies can be baked without having the wooden mold. Use a basic ring mold or shaped mold to cut the dough.

Click here for our "Dutch Trade" speculaas cookie recipe

The Dutch wanted to remain neutral throughout the American Revolutionary War with England. The Dutch merchants could easily export their goods to the American colonies as long as the British did not see the Netherlands as a threat. The American Patriots did receive large amounts of gunpowder, arm, and other goods from the Netherlands during the fight for Independence.

In 1780, John Adams spent most of his time trying to build a network of relations in the Netherlands and to procure a loan from the Dutch government to help the American cause. After the surrender of British General Cornwallis at Yorktown, Adams, still in the Netherlands, purchased a large house in "The Hague" which was to become the first embassy in American History.

Ingredients: cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, mace, allspice, cloves, white pepper

Allergen Notice:
Packaged on equipment that also works with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. Our facilities store packaged tree nuts, soy, and dairy items in common areas.

**Please email us if you require more units than what is displayed as available.

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