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Plymouth Rocks The Brine

Plymouth Rocks The Brine

Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brining spice

The Thanksgiving tradition started in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 as a celebration of survival and friendship between the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. It is alleged that turkeys were served at the first feast, but they were not the main dish. Today, however, turkey has become the symbol of this American holiday.

Have you always had trouble cooking the perfect bird for your family feast? If you have, Boston Spice has come up with a simple solution, our "Plymouth Rocks the Brine" dry brinning spice.

"Have you always wanted your turkey, chicken, or duck meat to be perfectly balanced with crispy skin and juicy, flavorful breast meat?"

"How you ask?" 

Boston Spice says, "Just click below to find out. And, No Water is Needed!"

Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brinning spice

Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Poultry Brinning Spice Blend



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