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Plymouth Rocks The Brine - Poultry Dry Brine

Plymouth Rocks The Brine - Poultry Dry Brine

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Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brinning spice
The Thanksgiving tradition started in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 as a celebration of survival and friendship between the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. It is alleged that turkeys were served at the first feast, but they were not the main dish. Today, however, turkey has become the symbol of this American holiday.

Have you always had trouble cooking the perfect bird for your family feast? If you have, Boston Spice has come up with a simple solution, our "Plymouth Rocks the Brine" dry brining spice.

"Have you always wanted your turkey meat to be perfectly balanced with crispy skin and juicy, flavorful breast meat?"

Our brine is a specialty blend of kosher salt, maple sugar, orange peel, sage, rosemary, thyme, and other delicious spices.

If possible, use poultry with no added water. Pat dry inside & out. Using about 2-3 TBS of "Plymouth Rocks The Brine" per 5lbs of poultry, season the cavity, under the skin, and rub all over the outside  Cover it in your fridge for 12 hours. Uncover and let sit in the fridge for 12 more hours. Trust us, he will be worth the wait! Roast your bird as you normally would, do not baste. Get ready for the best tasting turkey, chicken, quail, or duck you’ve ever had.

The Plymouth Pilgrim's will be glad we came up with this blend!

Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brinning spice

Our dry brine spice blend works great on all kinds of poultry such as chicken, quail, game hens, duck, and geese. Also, try it on chicken legs, wings, thighs.

Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brinning spice

On November 9, 1620, a small ship called “The Mayflower” arrived in New England in an area called Cape Cod Bay. This area was not conducive to starting a settlement, so the Mayflower and it’s 102 passengers and about 30 crew members, sailed a little further up the coast to a better suitable area that is today called Plymouth Bay.  The colonists began to build their settlement in an abandoned Wampanoag Indian village. Only 52 of the original 102 Mayflower passengers survived the first year in the new Plymouth Colony.

In the fall of 1621, the pilgrims had a three-day celebration marking their first harvest. Indian Sachem Massasoit and about 90 members of his tribe join in for the feast.  It was in the 19th century that their celebration became the First Thanksgiving story.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday throughout the United States was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on October 3, 1893.

Boston Spice Plymouth Rocks The Brine Dry Spice Brinning spice

Ingredients: kosher salt, orange peel, onion powder, garlic powder, maple sugar, rosemary, sage, thyme *all natural rice powder added to help reduce caking 

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